Nicolas Cage owes millions to the IRS


Nicolas Cage is having financial trouble? Yes, he sure is. The million dollar Hollywood actor, who has starred huge movies like National Treasure, World Trade Center, and Gone in Sixty Seconds, is now seeing some of his properties disappear in auctions.

Cage’s New Orleans homes will be put up for auction on November 12th. The homes had an unpaid mortgage debt totaling over 5-6 million dollars. These homes aren’t the only investments Nicolas Cage has. Cage’s home in Hollywood and in Germany are up for sale in order for him to pay the IRS what is owed to them.

So where in the world did all the money go? Cage is certain that his former business manager, Samuel Levin, has had something to do with it. Levin is getting sued by Cage for 20 million in damages. According to Cage, his manager wasn’t paying taxes and was putting money in very risky real estate investments. Looks like someone has some explaining to do.


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    Nicolas Cage owes millions to the IRS | Celebrity Foreclosures…

    Nick Cage now owes millions to the IRS….

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