Terrell Owens Fights Foreclosure for Miami Home

terrell owens

Terrell Owens, a wide receiver, who is well known for his flashy touchdown celebrations has calmed down with the recent foreclosure news. The former NFL star has a Miami Beach condominium, which he allegedly owes over a million dollars.

The lawsuit mortgage documentation says he took out a loan for $1.55 millions in 2006. His monthly payments were $5,126. He faithfully made payments until November.

In December, Owens was in the news for owing $1.47 million on a property in Dallas. The bank claims he has not made a payment in over six months. All other properties he was forced to sell by the banks to avoid foreclosures.


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  1. Lalitha on June 29th, 2012 11:13 am

    The troubles that Terrel Owens has been experiencing are well known. I am still sorry about him, how was not smart enough to invest his money more properly and now sink in so many debts!

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