Brittany Murphy house in Hollywood Hills avoids foreclosure … for now

Introducing, ladies and gentleman (and I use those terms super loosely), to our first posthumous foreclosure.

Brittany Murphy’s home in Hollywood, Calif., where she and her husband were found dead in separate incidents five months apart, has been saved from foreclosure, according to

Maybe the former home of Madonna and another kinda famous Brittany (Spears), isn’t cursed after all! Yeah right.

Sharon Murphy, Brittany’s mommy, inherited the 8,000 sq. ft. house after her daughter and son-in-law’s untimely deaths at the ages of 32 and 40, respectively. She apparently received a two-week extension to try and sell the house at a “sharply reduced price.”

Good luck.

I’m not too sure about you, but I’m not about to plunk down $4.995 million (that I don’t have, by the way … not even friggin’ close) to live in a home where two young, and seemingly perfectly healthy individuals, died from “pneumonia-related” illnesses.

Paranormal activity, anyone?

It apparently isn’t scaring everyone, including two death-defying deal-seeking buyers who have already submitted “bonafide offers.”

RIP, suckas.