Debbie Gibson home in LA avoids foreclosure; Plastic surgeons rejoice


Honk honk!

Debbie Gibson and her sweet surgically-maintained 39-year-old body have dodged the dreaded foreclosure bullet.

Big Time Listings reports that the 1980s-era pop tart unloaded her 1,733-square-foot lemon in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills — located at 1522 Forest Knoll Drive — for $900,000 in a short sale transaction.

That’s $375,000 less than what she paid for the quaint two-bedroom love shack back in 2005.

The good news is that the bank gets stuck with the loss, ensuring Gibson is able to keep spending freely on silicone, suction and such to keep her electric youth and doesn’t get lost in your eyes.

Only in my dreams could I imagine that anything is possible like this. I’m losin’ myself at the thought … what a foolish beat.