Madonna house in Wellington FL

So “Madge” is taking time away from her recent gig as homewrecker, setting her sights on way more important things like becoming a world-class jockey.

True story. And has it:

” … the singer is expected to continue her horseback riding training, including jumping and polo. Madonna first spent two weeks in Wellington in January with her personal trainer. She left for New York City but returned a week later to hammer out the lease details and hang out with polo superstar and Ralph Lauren model Nacho Figueras.”

Oh and what a great deal they struck with a $50,000 per month rental on a five-bedroom, seven-bathroom fixer upper that expires on March 31.

Guess no one informed the 50-something freak starlet that Florida real estate values are pure crap right now. Maybe it is the same genius who still dresses her up in all those crazy costumes that reveal her gross old ladiness.

Yeah, that must be it.

To check out a slideshow and video of Madonna’s new digs at 2698 Sheltingham in Wellington, Fla., click here.