OctoSaurus! Under Foreclosure AGAIN!

Octomom getting her toe nails primped.

Octomom getting her toe nails primped.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Nadya Suleman is under threat of being foreclosed again! Apparently her father had to make a balloon payment of $450,000. The payment hasn’t been made along with another scant payment of over $4k.

A private party owns the OctoMortgage on the property (not a bank). The Mortgage holder is starting the proceeds for a foreclosure.

I am sure this not the last we have heard of this OctoSaga. We will keep you updated as more information comes out.

Extreme Makeover Foreclosures


Another one bites the dust from the Extreme Makeover TV Show featuring Ty Pennington. The Wilford family of Encinitas California are now facing foreclosure.

At least four other families featured on the show have  been forced to sell their homes as they couldn’t afford it in the first place. The idea of the show is great but the reality of home ownership is a tough cookie to swallow.

Al Capone hideout up for auction


Even legendary gangster, Al Capone, can’t avoid foreclosure. The home is a Wisconsin lodge located in Couderay and was once used as a hideout for the Chicago crime boss. It has since been a tourist attraction where visitors can take guided tours for about $10 bucks a pop.

After Al Capone died, the home was bought by a corporation in Chicago and has since been in their hands for the last 50 years. The theories about the Couderay, Wisconsin hideout are that the home was used as a liquor smuggling base for the Capone and his Chicago outfit.  The walls were made eighteen inches thick since Capone designed and built the lodge as a castle that could fight a battle if needed. The home also includes a guard tower and views in all directions just in case stuff goes down.

The property includes over 400 private acres and a nice lake will start the bidding at $2.6 million. Obviously, the bank that is foreclosing on the home is using the home’s history as much as possible to pull a big sale.

Housewives of Atlanta’s Foreclosure


Housewives of Atlanta star Lisa Wu-Hartwell and her NFL husband Edgerton Hartwell (ex Oakland Raider), were removed from their Atlanta mansion last week after the bank foreclosed. The multimillion dollar home has already been sold.

The home was original purchased in 2007 for $2.9 million.

Apparently they are still living in the Atlanta area with a new 10 acre property that they paid for in cash. Hopefully the bank will go after them for renumeration. These annoying over spenders do not deserve to be let off the hook. I remember one episode where they were having a big party bowling in their old mansion.

Maybe Edger spent all the money on roids.

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