Keyshawn Johnson gets tackled by construction company


Just give me the damn check!

That’s more than likely what the construction company that worked on Keyshawn Johnson’s house is shouting after the retired NFL wide receiver stiffed them on the bill.

Yep, the man, the myth, the legend, “Me-shawn,” who has played with teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers, apparently owes more than $1 million to Gordon S. Gibson Inc.

Johnson, who is now an ESPN broadcaster, has been hit with a lien from the construction company. He owes $1,115,500 for construction on his residence. It’s unclear exactly what he had done to the house, but perhaps floor-to-ceiling mirrors were installed throughout the mansion so he could admire himself all-day, every-day.

Better him than us.

Johnson — who has been known to take large off-field dumps and use gobs of his own money to wipe away his disastrous business investments — more than likely still has tons of cash stashed away to pay the lien whenever he wants.

However, it will raise 10 percent annually until it is paid, according to the official documents.

Wonder if A&E will mention that during an upcoming, over-the-top episode of “Keyshawn Johnson: Tackling Design.” It’s a great way to save and get the most bang for your buck.