Homeowner Association Files Lien Against Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice, the one-hit wonder and real estate mogul, has upset his Wellington, Fla neighborhood.  Last week, in Palm Beach County Circuit Courts, the homeowner’s association claims Robert Van Winkle owes them almost $14,000.  A lien was filed against Van Winkle by the association in May when he owed $2,800.

During that same month of the lien, Van Winkle transferred the ownership of the mansion to Van-Rap Ltd.  According to reports, Van Winkle is now claiming he is not linked to this house in anyway.

Vanilla Ice’s Real Estate Advice


Vanilla Ice, the early 90’s hip hop’s star, real name Robert Van Winkle, was once known for his single that had everyone singing “Ice Ice Baby.”  For some iconic stars of the 90’s, the curtain went down and stayed down.  For the past few years, Vanilla Ice has been attempting to get back in the spotlight with a different approach.

His new title, carpenter and real estate investor, inspired him to start a reality show on renovations.  This show is to educate his fans on how to plan their dream homes and use their tools.  He starts the show by renovating each room of a gutted foreclosed home in Southern Florida.

While America is waiting for his show to air in 2012, people can be on the lookout for his real estate guide.  He recently said, “Most people know the common terms, short sells and foreclosures, but there’s even better ways of buying homes that you can learn about, like tax liens, auctions, you can go in and if you know the process, really invest properly and get these houses for pennies on the dollar.”

He continues to talk about the statistics of the areas hardest hit by foreclosures.  In addition, he said if he can capitalize on it, anyone could too.

How does America feel about taking real estate advice from Vanilla Ice?