NBA Allen Iverson’s Atlanta Mansion Foreclosed


In Dec., we learned that Allen Iverson’s Atlanta mansion was getting ready to be placed in a foreclosure auction. He defaulted on the $1.2 million mortgage, which caused it to go into foreclosure. The home is valued around $4.5 million. Iverson did not let go of the house without a fight.

In fact, he did delay the foreclosure auction until now. As of yesterday, the bank purchased the Atlanta mansion for $2.5 million (via TMZ). If that is not bad enough, during his divorce case this week, the judge basically called him the worst dad in the world.

This NBA superstar is not so super anymore.

This photo is courtesy of By Keith Allison from Baltimore via Wikimedia Commons at en.wikipedia and it is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


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